Innovative Circus is an innovation growth firm, focused on building innovative business models and value propositions to grow in a disruptive world.

Our founder is Aaron Bare, an experienced Strategy and Innovation Consultant with over 20+ years of experience starting at Accenture, B-School at Thunderbird, D-School at Stanford, Graduate of Singularity and has been a consultant on Strategy and Innovation with great companies such as Google, Microsoft, Nike, Coca-Cola, Dannon, Comedy Central, Telemundo, Daimler, and Harley-Davidson. He has also started and sold a dozen companies and 3 non-profits.

Our execution teams are made up of the best professionals in growth innovation, business models, value propositions, growth hacking, and facilitation. We often select teams from our network of over 100 professionals that have the most relevant experience. To join our network, contact us.

We look forward to developing new revenue through new business models, not the development of new products or services. We advise you to take 30 minutes to 1 hour to learn about our process and see how growth innovation will make an immediate impact on your survivability and thrivability for the future.


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