Exponential Business Models

Most companies think linear and create businesses that grow mitigating risk. Exponential companies CEO’s spend 3-4 days a week working on the business, maintaining it and 1-2 days creating models that disrupt it. This is growth innovation. This is what Innovative Circus does for our clients.


Our leadership has studied the great growth stories and how they created exponential growth.   We use tools like the ExO Canvas, designing exponential organizations and leverage to create discussions about your current business model.


Link to full ExO Canvas.                                                                                             Link to full Business Model Canvas.

We take business models and use the Business Model Canvas to examine and create discussions of processes that lead to exponential growth.    This is part of our strategic process to find better ways to grow, disrupt and prosper in an ever-changing networked world.

Beyond this, we sometimes use the Lean Canvas instead of the Business Model Canvas to create a conversation about launching new business or products, beyond the high-level business model.    Our processes are based on the Evidence-Based Innovation model and Continuous Innovation process, as seen below.


This is a summary of the book “Reimagining Innovation,” as our founder, Aaron Bare has focused on repeatable, predictable, scalable and sustainable business solutions.   If you are to properly test these questions in an innovation process, you significantly improve your chances for success and the ability to succeed in today’s wildly unpredictable environment.

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