Napa Smith Brewery

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Creating handcrafted award-winning beers, Napa Smith is the only production brewery located in the Napa Valley. While we are a small independent brewery, our story is linked to the very beginning of the craft beer movement. All of our beers are “Brewed for Food” through our balanced use of roasted malts and aromatic hops, and we believe they should be invited to the dinner table just like a bottle of fine wine. In our very first year entered, we were fortunate to win numerous Gold Medals at prestigious beer competitions such as the California State Fair and the Los Angeles International Fair.

We are proud to feature the beers of America’s most experienced craft brewer – Don Barkley. Don started making craft beer in 1978 at New Albion Brewery, America’s first new brewery since Prohibition. He went on to help found Mendocino Brewing Company, and during his 25 years there as Master Brewer Don became an icon, creating such legendary beers as Red Tail Ale and Eye of the Hawk Select Ale. The best beers are fresh beers – so we add a dose of nitrogen before filling and close with an oxygen scavenging bottle cap to prevent oxidation. We also use UV protectant glass to reduce the negative effects of light. Try our Napa Smith beers with your next meal and taste the difference!

Visit our on-site Brewpub to taste Napa Smith beer straight from the source.

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