3 Amigos Tequila

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To understand 3 Amigos Tequila you first need to understand where the company’s roots start and why the roots will only grow deeper as time goes on.
In 1968 the Gonzalez family arrived in the land of opportunity, leaving their home that they grew to love. They set forth to do what most other Mexican families set out to do, pave the road for the future.

In the beginning Francisco and Ramona Gonzalez, also known to the family as Papa Pancho and Mama Mona were the parents of fourteen children. Francisco was a business man that was well educated and a wise man that believed in hard work and fairness. He was a well respected man among the community for his integrity and honesty and having others well being come before his own. Ramona always a loving wife and mother was the one that carried the green thumb in the family. She was born and raised on a farm. Her presence has always been able to warm a cold room; you could say she is the sunlight on a cloudy day.

When the couple married they stayed in the city of Tepatitlan, Jalisco, owning and running a goods store and they did very well, but Ramona became homesick and Francisco gave up the city life and they moved into the country farm land where they started farming. Family always came first, respect always was in the air in the Gonzalez family household, responsibility started at a young age, and hard work ran through the genes of the family.

As the Gonzalez family grew older and started their own families they never grew apart, in fact they were more united. When the Gonzalez brothers got together they decided to start a business together from the ground up and G Farms was accomplished by the family. G Farms is a farming company that has been around over 20 years growing watermelons, onions, potatoes, corn, and alfalfa. The Gonzalez brothers started the farming business with 200 acres and now farm 4,000 acres! After the success of the farm, Wood Unlimited, a wood chip processing plant, was added to the Gonzalez family owned business for over 10 years now. As demand for alfalfa pellets grew the Gonzalez brothers decided to expand and build a pellet mill making G Farms Quality Feeds.

The Gonzalez brothers yet again decided to go on another business venture, tequila! Among the brothers involved are Santiago, Juan, Antonio, Eleno, and Atanacio. Together they believed that they could produce superb tequila at a reasonable price.

Tequila is a spirit that can only be made in Mexico and nowhere else, making the spirit exclusive and special to Mexico and to all tequila drinkers and tequila experts. Tequila is also made in certain regions of Mexico. The Gonzalez’s were fortunate to be from the heart of region where tequila is produced. The Gonzalez’s were also experienced in growing agaves for unsurpassed tequila at the time. As time passed, premium tequilas were being bought out by outside investors and soon the bottom line was the main concern. This is why 3 Amigos was made.
3 Amigos is premium tequila that is family own, managed, and controlled. The red, rich, and inclined land that 3 Amigos grows their agave is owned by 3 Amigos. When agave is grown it is transplanted from a more mature agave that sprouts out young agave. These agaves are not introduced to any pesticides or herbicides making the tequila organic. All work is provided by ranch hands, who shave off some of the leaves from the agaves; as well as cattle that consume the weeds and grass. Bio, positive bacteria, is used to help the agave by releasing all the nutrients the ground has to offer to the agave.

During the harvesting the jimadores, also known as the harvesters, harvest only the ripe agave to ensure 3 Amigos quality is consistent. When harvesting, the agave is shaved off all of its leaves by the jimador; making it look like a huge pineapple! The agaves can weigh as much as 200 pounds! After the agave is shaved it is loaded on a truck and leaves to the distillery. The whole harvesting process is monitored by an experienced chemist who happens to be a member of the family.

At the distillery the agaves are loaded onto a pressure cooking oven for approximately twelve hours. Then from the oven the cooked agaves are loaded onto a conveyor that takes them to a juicer. The juicer extracts all the juice from the cooked agave. The juice is un-distilled tequila, but is not yet drinkable. 3 Amigos Tequila distills their tequila twice. There are 3 types of tequilas that 3 Amigos makes blanco, reposado, and anejo. Blanco is double distilled tequila that is put straight into a bottle. Reposado- is blanco tequila that is aged for a minimum of 3 months to a year in white oak barrels, 3 Amigos Reposado is aged for 11 months. Anejo is blanco tequila that is aged at a minimum of a year in white oak barrels, 3 Amigos Anejo is aged for at least 2 years.

“3 Amigos is a family owned business. We are a team that is very proud of our tequila. We grow and harvest our agave in our red rich soil located in Los Altos in Jalisco, Mexico. We hand pick our agave at its prime, pressure cook our agave at perfect settings, and distill our tequila two times to ensure that quality will always be maintained. With all the variables controlled 3 Amigos Tequila introduces to you the best tequila in the world. Salud!”

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