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Facilitated a disruption workshop that led to understanding the disruption in the market.    First, create the realization that Coca-Cola was no longer a Carbonated Beverage brand.  Second, identify investments and areas of growth for the brand,   Third, create a program for Multi-Cultural Restaurants to engage with Coca-Cola and serve their products.

This was a long-term engagement that helped digitize some belief systems and ultimately create massive change leading to Coca-Cola remaining a leader in the beverage market.

Client quote:

“Aaron Bare developed a Custom Disruptive Workshop for Coca-Cola’s Largest Cross-Functional customer team.  This 3-day program included disruptive innovation sessions, how best to organize disruption, and used change to align the entire team on accountabilities & goals that would drive results. He was able to disrupt the way the organization was traditionally thinking by introducing several techniques that will enable the team to become change agents, while deploying several new meaningful projects that will drive the team’s collaboration, team strengths, and focus based on the customer & Coca-Cola’s objectives. He provided an environment that allowed our associates to understand the speed of change, the skills & capabilities required to be an integral part of our customer’s growth, and gained the alignment of the team to commit to each other to be their ‘best’.    It was a huge home run for our team and the outside thinking was just what we needed….”

Cathy Horgan

VP, The McDonalds Division, Coca-Cola USA

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